“Radically Reconfigured Relationships”

Categories: Monday Morning Meditation

Yesterday we looked at Paul’s letter to Philemon and how our fellowship of faith transforms our radically reconfigures our relationships. Even with those who have wronged us in some way, love compels us to receive the wholly and completely with open arms, tearing down any barrier that separates us. It pushes us to release others from bondage, whether that be literal or the shackles of our unfair expectations, begrudging attitudes, faulty assumptions, etc. Finally, we must do our part to repair the ruins, especially if we are the ones at fault. We must be willing to forgive and allow nothing to stand between us. Are you holding someone at arm's length? Are there certain people you need to reconcile with? Perhaps there are those whom you have not let in to your life in the first place because of some barrier or obstacle. It should not be so in Christ, let’s make efforts to radically reconfigure our relationships today.

Three quick tips:

  1. Say something. Start a conversation. Silence just seems to make things worse. It creates a barrier and perpetuates the distance between individuals. It allows feelings to fester.
  2. Don’t know what to say? How about, “I’m sorry for the ways that I contributed to the tension” or “I really care about you and deeply want our relationship to be restored”? Something that shows you are committed to the other person, the relationship, and making things right.
  3. Get a mediator. Sometimes people need help coming back together. They need accountability to work it out in a fair and loving way. Their goal is not to be right but to make things right. Having a mediator, like Onesimus and Philemon has with Paul can really help to ease tensions, promote fruitful discussion, and keep both parties accountable to restoring the relationship.